Phrase Spinner

Phrase spinner is the only free phrase spinner tool available online which can rephrase both in English and Swedish language. The tool has built-in treasure to such an awesome job. Our tool is semi automatic which gives choice to use to select the best alternative to words and create lots of variation to each phrase. The user can also contribute to add their own alternative phrase. The tool provides unlimited rephrase words which give you maximum choice to make your article highly spun. Our tool replaces maximum available phrases which will help to create article much more unique. Phrase spinning create extreme uniqueness in article.

Phrase spinner is the best free phase spinner tool available on the internet. It is very simple and semi auto rephrasing tool online which recreate your article quickly, efficiently and instantly.

How To Use Phrase Spinner:

Past your content or import via import button. Select phase dictionary English or Swedish and click start button the application will start and load the dictionary then select one by one underlined phrases and chose alternative synonyms from the right list box which provide unlimited suggestions. You can add your own synonyms to rephrase any word. Repeat the process and keep rephrasing whole content. Rephrased content will be live updated in output box. The content can also be downloaded in the text file by using download button.


{{phrase.text || phrase}} {{phrase.synonyms.length + 1}}

  • {{(newPhrase || currentPhrase.text).toLowerCase()}}
  • {{phrase}}