Add Prefix and/or Suffix to Each Line of Text

Add Prefix and/or Suffix to Each Line of Text

Sometime you need to add some text to the beginning or end of text line. Use this tool to add text to the beginning and the end of all lines easily. To add prefix and suffix manually to each line one by one is very time consuming and hectic job. This can be used for various reasons such as when you want to generate HTML list or add certain text lines with elements or certain programming/scripting languages or want to prepare your Urls list. It will save your lot of time buy doing it in seconds.

How To Add Prefix or Suffix:

First of all enter your text line by line in text box below. Then enter prefix in the second box line by line and suffix line by line in the third box. And click add prefix and suffix. The result list will be generated in the output box.

Note: It depends on you if you want to add only prefix or suffix. The tool works in both way, you can add any one option or both.

Add text in the below textbox line by line :

Prefixes - Add the text to put into the beginning of each line:

Suffixes - Add the text to put into the end of each line: