Free Online WordPress Article Poster - Bulk Posting

Free Online WordPress Article Poster

Our Wordpress tool is best and totally free online tool for posting to Wordpress blogs in bulk. This tool is great for blog owners or anyone who want to publish to bulk blogs. Our tool is has more features than any other online tool. You can load all details to post to blogs, spintax article can be used to ensure that all the blogs have unique content. Our tool support regular Wordpress formatting such as Bold, Italic, Color Text, Font Size etc using HTML or CSS code for styling.

Custom details can also be included such as post tags, posting to any desired category. This tool not only work with hosted blog but work with free blog providers like and many other sites which offer free Multi-user Wordpress blogs.

How To Use WordPress Poster:

Load title and article, they can be in spintax, our tool support nested spintax so you can use any number of spintax level. Then add post tags separated by comma and enter one category of your choice. Please note the category should already exist in the blog otherwise the post will go to Uncategorized category.

Select the range of dates to publish article. It is import to select both dates. If you wish to publish on same data then select same date on both inputs.

After loading all details past Url's and login details per line in this format URL|Username|Password or you can directly load from text file by using import url button. Click the publish button and in the box below get the permalink of published posts.

Select text file to upload and click import content:

Enter Title Here: (Spintax can be used.)

Enter Article Here: (Spintax can be used.)

Post Tags (Comma seprated): Enter Category (Only One Category):

Select Date Range From: To:

Enter Url's and Login Details or Import From File. (Use this pattern|username|password)

Permalink Result: